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Chile Pepper

Droffats Desert Rose CD
First in our line of Droffats Airedales, Rosie is playful, outgoing, and a very good watchdog for our family. Rosie was recently retired at 11 years old after a successful career of obedience, breeding and as a Canine Good Citizen.  She will continue to rule the roost at Desert Rose Airedales. Rosie has earned her place as #1 house dog as she manages to keep the other Airedales minding their manners.  

Droffats Autumn Splendor Rose
Ruthie is one of Rosie's daughters sired by Droffats National Pastime(Pepper). Ruthie's hips were rated "excellent" by the OFA. She earned championship points towards her
AKC title for conformation in 2010 after whelping eight healthy, sturdy puppies! Ruthie is cheerful and high-spirited, surely the sweetest disposition of any Airedale I've ever had, but fiercely protective of her family when the occasion arises.

Droffats Santa Rosa CD
Sassy is another Rosie/Pepper daughter from 2008 litter. Sassy earned her CD when she was one year old, with all first place scores. She also has been awarded the AKC Canine Good Citizen and the International Therapy Dog titles. She helped take care of Dad by walking around with him by his wheelchair and alerting us when he needed attention during the last few months of his life. Sassy has earned championship conformation points, and currently is practicing for AKC Rally Trials and CDX .

Angel, the Jack Russel Terrier, is our pound puppy, and she is spoiled rotten. The most useful thing she does is to teach our puppies about small dogs. When the brood is weaned and learning to play with one another and other animals, Angel teaches the puppies that they are not allowed to bully little dogs. She does this so well that many of my clients have commented on how respectful their Airedales are around small dogs.

Desert Rose Let's Tango Droffats
Tootsie was 2  years old July 12th. She took a road trip to North Carolina with us to visit her sisters and meet new people. She loved the beach, enjoys swimming, and becomes friendlier everyday. Tootsie  continues to practice for AKC Obedience Trials.  High spirited, playful and energetic are good words to describe Tootsie.

Droffats Chile Pepper
He was in Rosies' first litter, sired by CH Droffats National Pastime (Pepper). Chile is a great ambassador for the Airedale Terriers with his dignified manner and stately presence. He loves to go hiking with the family and when home with free time, Chile will act as a sentry on the ranch. He will even act as a messenger dog when we are working at separate parts of the ranch. Chile has been recently placed with a very nice 
couple in Timberron NM. Chile now hikes and plays in the woods daily, and fits their lifestyle perfectly.  

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